4 cost effective improvements you can make before selling

When selling Penticton BC Real Estate some people look into making some last minute improvements to their home before selling. These improvements can really help to sell your home, and we have put together a list of some of the things you can do.

Penticton BC Real Estate,Real Estate for Sale in Penticton BC,Naramata Real Estate for SaleYard cleanup
A messy looking yard is a deterrent to people viewing your home, so you’ll want to make sure you clean up any kids or dog toys. Also make sure you do some landscaping and the plants and trees are trimmed and look good. It shows potential buyers that you have taken the time to care for the home.



Update the kitchen
The kitchen is one of the biggest selling features of any home and after years of wear and tear the kitchen can sometimes use an update. Stainless steel appliances like the fridge and stove, as well as the countertops, can start to look old, dirty, and used up.

For stainless steel appliances you can use stainless steel whipes, or even use natural vinegar. Also use a great multi-purpose cleaner for the countertops. Also if your budget allows it, it may be helpful to replace the cupboard and drawer handles.

Penticton BC Real Estate,Real Estate for Sale in Penticton BC,Naramata Real Estate for SaleConsider the Bathroom
A lot of people when selling Naramata Real Estate for Sale they also consider updating the bathroom, as you want to make sure it looks the best it can.

Make sure when cleaning you remove all mold and soap scum. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on high end cleaning products. Combining salt and lemon juice can work as a good cleaner for tiles and grout. Some drains can leave a nasty odor, and you can eliminate this just buying pouring lemon juice down the drains.

Lastly, make sure you clean the cupboards and drawers in the bathroom and make sure they do not have an odor.

The flooring is another important thing that potential buyers will look at. If you have old dingy carpet there will be an odor, and people will pick up on this. Think about replacing the old carpet with hardwood floors or tiles. Make sure you shop around and find the best deal you can.

If you already have hardwood or tile flooring, you can look into getting them cleaned and refinished.

If replacing the carpet is not within your budget, the cheapest option would be to hire a professional to give the carpet a deep clean and fresh look.

These 4 tips can really help to update your home when selling Penticton BC Real Estate, and really help to sell the home. For more information about contact Lyndi Cruickshank today!

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