4 Reasons to buy Penticton BC real estate this winter

If you’re in the market to purchase Penticton BC real estate or Naramata BC real estate, and with winter fast approaching it’s important to know some key elements of buying real estate in the winter. Many people put their buying needs on hold during the winter months, but there are actually some positives of buying in the winter, and here are a few of them.

penticton bc real estate,naramata bc real estate,real estate for sale in penticton bcFewer competition in the market
A lot of people out there have either read or been told not to buy real estate in the winter, so because of that there is less competition on the market. Meaning there will be better deals out there because demand is much lower.

Lower housing prices
Housing prices on the Penticton BC real estate market are going to be a lot lower during the winter, because as mentioned above, there is less demand.

penticton bc real estate,naramata bc real estate,real estate for sale in penticton bcMore motivation from sellers
Because there are less people looking to buy Naramata BC real estate, sellers are going to be much more motivated to sell their homes. During the winter months sellers are more willing to be flexible on the selling price, and other costs associated with the sale of their home. Because of this Penticton BC real estate agents always recommend selling during the spring and summer.

Not as many multiple offers
Because there are fewer people on the market this time of year, the number or multiple offers on a house will be much lower. This will give you as the buyer the upper hand over sellers.

In conclusion, buying a home this time of year is normally avoided by people and realtors, but there are some advantages. If you’re looking to buy real estate for sale in Penticton BC this winter, contact Lyndi Cruickshank today!

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