4 tips on remodeling your kitchen before selling your home

If you’re looking to sell your home on the Penticton BC real estate market, updating or renovating your kitchen can increase the value of your home, and attract potential buyers. It is of course difficult to remodel a kitchen to attract people you’ve never met, but here are 5 design tips you can use when remodeling your kitchen.

Penticton BC Real Estate,Real Estate for Sale in Penticton BC,Naramata Real Estate for SaleA simple design
When you’re designing and remodeling a kitchen to sell your home faster, you’re basically redesigning it for someone else’s taste, so it is wise to use a simple design. You don’t need to worry about things like crazy accessories, extra storage, crown molding, or expensive drawer knobs. Those things can easily be added or replaced after the home is purchased, and aren’t the major selling points of the new kitchen.

You’ll want to stick with vintage or plain style cabinets and just the standard drawer size. This simple design won’t appeal to everyone, but also gives the potential home owner lots of options to work with in the future.

Choosing the right colors palette
When redesigning your kitchen it is important to use neutral colors. The most popular colors are beige, brown, and white. White cabinets work well with basically any design and color palette, and also give the kitchen a much more open look. These colors appeal to buyers of all ages, compared to the more trendy colors.

Penticton BC Real Estate,Real Estate for Sale in Penticton BC,Naramata Real Estate for SaleFunction is important
When people are looking to invest in Naramata Real Estate for Sale, they may love the look of the kitchen, but it also needs to function properly as well. The style can always be changed over time, but the buyer needs to be able to imagine themselves working in this kitchen for a long time. If you have the space when redoing the kitchen try adding an island, or a breakfast nook.

Countertop material
Countertops can be one of the largest expenses when remodeling your kitchen, so you want to choose the material wisely. You may want to go with laminate countertops over stone, as they are much more affordable and come in many different styles.

These are just a few tips for remodeling your kitchen and listing your home in the Penticton BC Real Estate market. For more information contact Cruickshank Davies & Associates today!

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