Tips for selling Naramata Real Estate for Sale this winter

Winter is now upon us in the South Okanagan, and though it looks like we may have a green Christmas, that doesn’t mean we won’t get snow after the holiday season this winter. Once the snow hits, there are some things you need to know when preparing your home for the Naramata BC real estate market this winter.

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Shoveling the driveway and walkways 

When selling real estate the exterior of your home is of course one of the most important things, and when trying to sell your house in the winter, it is important it looks its best. Make sure you shovel the driveway and any walkways leading up to, or around the house. Also brush any snow off of window sills and scrape any ice off of the windows. Potential buyers will want to see in and out of the windows of your home.

Turn on all lights to help sell your Naramata Real Estate for Sale

With the shorter darker days if winter it is important to make your home as bright as possible. Turn on all exterior lights, including the Christmas lights if you have hung them up. Inside the home make sure to also turn on all lights. You don’t want your viewers struggling to see certain parts of your home in the darkness.

naramata bc real estate

Turn on the Heat

The temperature of your home is very important when trying to sell your home during the winter months. When you have people viewing your home you want them to feel warm and comfortable, which also means they will stick around longer. If you have a noisy furnace you will want to make sure the home is warm before they arrive, so that you can turn the noisy furnace off during the viewing.

Setting the Mood

With the snow outside and a warm fire in the living room, the winter is one of the most beautiful and cozy times of the year. You can use this to your advantage when people are viewing your home. Have a fire going in any room that has a fireplace, candles lit, the windows open showing the gorgeous winter landscape, and even have coffee and treats laid out.

These are just a few tips on preparing you Naramata real estate for sale this winter. For more information contact your South Okanagan real estate experts, Lyndi Cruickshank & Associates today!  you can also visit us on Instagram for behind the scenes action!

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